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Exploring Regents Earth and Space Science


Earth Science is the study of our planet and it’s four and a half billion year history. It explores everything from exploding stars and violent hurricanes to massive earthquakes and priceless resources. Regents Earth Science includes deep investigations into all facets of our planet and the vast universe in which we reside. It is a New York State high school level course which is broken into three major components; Astronomy, Geology, and Meteorology. Successful completion of the course and passing of the Regents exam earns students a high school credit which can be applied towards the science requirement for graduation.

My name is Mike Sammartano, I am a former Earth Science teacher at Hommocks Middle School in Mamaroneck, NY. While I was teaching, I used this site as a tool for my students, their parents, and for other educators. I have since left the classroom and assumed a role as technology coordinator and staff developer in the Mamaroneck Schools. As a result of many requests from students and teachers, I have decided to keep this site up and running. I hope you find the resources useful and engaging.