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About Regents Earth Science

Welcome to Earth Science, the study of our planet and it’s four and a half billion year history. In the coming months, we will examine everything from exploding stars and violent hurricanes to massive earthquakes and priceless resources. We will explore the ins and outs of our planet and the vast universe in which we reside. Regents Earth Science is a high school level course taken by all 8th grade students at Hommocks Middle School. The course is broken into three major components; Astronomy, Geology, and Meteorology. Successful completion of the course and passing of the Regents exam will earn students a high school credit which can be applied towards the science requirement for graduation.

The Regents Examination

The Regents Examination is a New York State standardized assessment which is administered each year in August, January, and June. The exam consists of approximately 85 questions, including 50 multiple choice and 35 constructed response. It also involves a hands-on laboratory practical examination which is administered within two weeks of the written test. Passing the exam with an overall score of 65 or better earns students a science credit towards high school graduation. In order to sit for the exam, students must first successfully complete a course lab requirement (1200 minutes of acceptable lab work).

Coursework, lab activities, projects, and tests in our class are designed to help prepare students for this assessment. We will complete a lengthy and comprehensive review unit during the weeks preceding the test. Hommocks students will take the 2015 Regents exam on June 18 at 9:15am.

Please feel free to read more about Regents Examinations and take a look at past Earth Science exams.

Earth Science Reference Tables

New York State provides students enrolled in Regents Earth Science with a packet of maps, tables, charts, and diagrams called the Earth Science Reference Tables. This packet will be used by students regularly, including on tests and quizzes. Students must master these tables as they are an important tool to be used during the Regents exam.

Students will be provided with a copy of the ESRT during the first week of school. If that copy is lost or damaged, they may print out a new copy here.

Assessment and Grading

Students in Regents Earth Science class will complete a wide variety of activities this year, including lab experiments and data analysis, reading and writing activities, tests, quizzes, homework assignments, and projects. All assignments are designed to help students master the content and prepare for the Regents exam. Their quarter grades will be loosely calculated based on the following breakdown:

70% Tests and Quizzes (including take-home quizzes)
20% Lab and Data Analysis Activities (both in-class and take-home)
10% Other (Homework Assignments, Classwork, Projects, Participation, etc)

See your teacher about accessing grades and assignments online.

Extra Help

Earth Science teachers are available for extra help Monday through Thursday after school until 3:10 pm and Tuesdays and Thursdays during lunch office hours. If additional help is required, please see your teacher to make an appointment.

Class Materials

To help lessen our impact on the planet, in Earth Science, we will strive to make our classrooms as paperless as possible. Many assignments will be completed and submitted digitally. Students must have certain materials with them daily, however, as we will be doing some traditional pen and paper work. These materials include the following:
• One three ring binder
• Blank looseleaf
• Pencil
• Copy of the ESRT
Students must have their iPads with them daily, charged and ready to go.

iPads in Earth Science

Hommocks Earth Science students have been exploring Earth Science with the help of iPads and iPod Touches for more than six years. These powerful devices help to bring science to life, while also allowing students to demonstrate their understanding in a variety of fun and creative ways. Students will be required to use their iPads on a regular basis both in science class and at home.